Wirulink Products & Services
Telephone Lines
We offer business and home users voice telephone lines at a fixed location. Options vary from a single line and desktop or cordless telephone handset at home to multiple analog or digital (BRI/PRI) lines to connect to your existing PABX at work while saving up to 40% on your current telephone account.


Internet Access
Get fast, affordable and reliable internet access at your business or home. Options vary from small packages used for email and online banking at home to high capacity connectivity for corporate use.


Hosted PABX
Our Hosted PABX telephone solution allows businesses to reduce initial capital expenditure when installing our switchboard telephone system. Advanced features include remote extensions, free inter-branch calls, voicemail to email and many other features that are not available on outdated traditional PABX telephone systems.


Virtual Private Network
Using a customized secure VPN (Virtual Private Network), you could securely connect multiple branches/locations via the WIRUlink network for any IP service including remote CCTV monitoring, accessing your server from remote branches, making free phone calls between branches, making offsite backups to a central server, etc..


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telephone lines
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