Wirulink Products & Services
Get "FAST, RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE" internet access for your home/business from WIRUlink.

FAST - Customers get download speeds on the WIRUlink network of up to 500Mbps. This is significantly faster than the speed users achieve on other broadband networks, for a fraction of the cost!

RELIABLE - As an independent Internet Service Provider, with our own network backbone infrastructure, we do not heavily rely on third-party network operators' networks. If the copper telephone lines in your area get stolen/damaged, the WIRUlink network will still be operational because of our secure carrier-grade wireless network. With multiple redundant upstream Internet Service Providers plugged into different geographical areas of the WIRUlink network, failover access is always available in case of an outage. Wherever possible, we build a ring network infrastructure. Should equipment on a tower be faulty, traffic will automatically rerouted via an alternative route while our engineers are attending to the problem.

AFFORDABLE - By making use of the latest international standardised wireless and network technologies, we can build a carrier class network at the highest standards at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Our inhouse skilled technical staff can quickly respond to network service calls without the high costs of contracted skills. Customers realise an actual saving of up to 68% when switching to the WIRUlink wiruMAX Internet Service.

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